Precision Oncology Solution
  • Oncology Clinical Testing+
    Oncology Clinical Testing
    We prioritize precision diagnosis through meticulous testing. Leveraging our advanced technology and commitment to excellence in both products and services, we aim to bring enhanced benefits to a greater number of tumor patients, while maintaining our pioneering role in driving the advancement of the precision medicine industry.
  • Cancer Early Screening+
    Cancer Early Screening
    The cornerstone of effective tumor prevention and treatment resides in the timely implementation of early prevention, detection, and intervention strategies, particularly among asymptomatic high-risk populations. Identifying precancerous lesions and early-stage cancer cases is of paramount importance for precise, targeted prevention and therapeutic interventions. Drawing upon extensive technical expertise accumulated over years of engagement in early tumor screening, ChosenMed has autonomously pioneered the development of the ChosenHawKEye and ChosenEarly cancer early screening kits, focusing on digestive tract tumors and liver cancer.
  • Clinical Collaboration+
    Clinical Collaboration
    As a participant of the Cancer Genome Atlas of China (CGAC) project and a partner of many pharmaceutical companies, ChosenMed continues to improve the Chinese tumor baseline and explore specific biomarkers to help the development of anti-tumor drugs.
  • All-in-one Hospital Admission Solution+
    All-in-one Hospital Admission Solution
    We offer an all-in-one, high-throughput automated solution for oncology genetic testing, seamlessly covering the entire process from testing to reporting, specifically designed for in-hospital clinical applications.
About Us
Established in 2017, ChosenMed is at the forefront of innovation. By harnessing cutting-edge techniques like next-generation sequencing and advanced information mining, we synergize with projects such as the "Cancer Genome Atlas of China" and "Tumor Precision Medicine Big Data Platform." This integration empowers us to seamlessly merge genetic testing and artificial intelligence, channeling our efforts towards the intelligent evolution of diagnostic products in the tumor liquid biopsy domain. Our comprehensive scope encompasses early tumor screening, companion diagnostics, dynamic monitoring, and prognosis assessment, all underpinned by a commitment to enriching the Chinese tumor baseline and identifying specific biomarkers that catalyze advancements in anti-tumor drug development.
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Core Qualifications
We hold esteemed distinctions such as being a National High-tech Enterprise, possessing CAP Certification, A2LA Accreditation, a Medical Institution Practice License, and a Medical Device Business License. Additionally, we are recognized as a Beijing Specialized "Small Giant" Enterprise and a Beijing Enterprise Research and Development Institution. Our status as a Beijing Intellectual Property Demonstration Unit underscores our commitment to innovation. Moreover, we are affiliated with the Tumor Precision Medical Big Data Platform and proudly hold the title of a Zhongguancun Golden Seed Enterprise, among other notable achievements.
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